PacsPrinter 2.0

printerPrint anything to the PACS

PacsPrinterTM provides any Windows application with PACS connectivity. Just by pressing the Print button on any Windows application your document will be sent to the PACS.



Easy to use

PacsPrinterTM is easy to use and does not require any DICOM knowledge. The workflow is simple.

Select the correct printer

After selecting the Print option of the application you are working with, you can choose PacsPrinter as destination.selectpatient

Select a patient study

Selection of the desired patient and study completes the printing session, documents will be saved into the PACS as a series of images. No additional software has to be used: you can access PacsPrinterTM from any Windows application.







PacsPrinter Feature Matrix


Feature PacsPrinter Deluxe PacsPrinter Premium PacsPrinter Pro
Archive from any Windows program
Allow new patients to be added
Query Option
Modality Worklist Query
Patientroot Query
Studyroot Query
Dicom Output
Secondary Capture  
Encapsulated PDF  
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 10